LimeWire PRO

LimeWire PRO

LimeWire PRO is a commercial multilingual and multi-platform P2P client
The product is discontinued by the developer
4.2  (167 votes)
Limewire Pro

LimeWire PRO is a commercial multilingual and multi-platform P2P client program that makes it possible for us to share files with other users in the fastest way via Gnutella network. We can share all types of files, including audio, video, programs, images, documents, etc. This application also provides a specific window for us to browse our friends' files and share directly with them.

First, we need to sign in to our Gmail, LiveJournal, or Jabber account. This option can be very helpful for those of us wanting to share in real time our photo albums, music, videos, etc., with family and friends without the need of burning them to CD/DVD, or printing and posting them via snail-mail. In fact, it is much cheaper, faster, and "greener". We can search files just by entering a category or a keyword. In addition, it lets us refine our search and use the advanced search options, where we can select a category, and specify album, year, title, author, etc. It is possible to preview/play files. We can also associate Torrent files with this program. LimeWire PRO smart interface has been modernized. There is an open source version called LimeWire, which is very similar in appearance but with less capabilities.

Download link is unavailable since the product is discontinued

Review summary


  • No adds
  • Multi-platform
  • Multi-language
  • Very easy to use
  • Fast downloads


  • Free support and updates are ONLY available if purchased from the developers' store
  • Far Too Many Spam Files
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